This weekend

Drove up north for the weekend. Mikes car ture blew out because of the rainy weather. I stayed up until the tow truck brought the car at 130 am. Woke up the next day at 730 am because my children wake up early. Realized I left my meds at home. Almost hit someone’s car. Locked myself out while my 3 and 2 yr old were inside. Had to wait until help arrived due to the condo being on the 2nd level. Max threw Lincoln logs in the heater and almost caught the condo on fire. Cut myself while trying to remove the Lincoln logs. Kept stepping on pieces of glass even though the people who stayed here before us had paid someone to clean the Condo (nice job jk).

Mother’s day

Today was rly good. I got to sleep in and was woke up to breakfast in bed. Then we watched Jane has a gun which is amazing BTW. Then we went to a baseball game where I actually got to go out and answer questions and win prizes out in the field. Later my hubby is going to make me steaks. I love my family. I might be crazy but at least I found the man that makes me happy